Phoenix DF (ARF) for F5J



The Phoenix DF is a F5J competition model designed by Philip Kolb and made by the Stream Team in Lithuania. This is a complete ARF kit that includes the following:

  1. Factory installed LDS, just screw in servo’s.
  2. Factory installed wiring.
  3. Wing bags

Requires motor, ESC, prop, spinner, battery and servos to complete. Ballast can be home made very easily.

The DF stands for ‘Dual Flap’ and is designed to produce higher lift at lower drag. Philip Kolb has an article on the benefits here: Click Here

Available in Light (1200-1250g), Standard (1300-1400g) and Windy (1500-1600g) layups in a wide range of colours.

With 4 piece wings and a 2 piece fuselage, this plane packs down very small for ease of transport and to reduce shipping costs.

Current delivery time is approximately 2-3 months from ordering.

Throw Settings (PDF)

History of the Phoenix DF here: Click Here

Contact with any questions, or to place an order.



This is a light weight layup


This is standard weight layup


This is a windy weight layup


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