Recommended for:

OZeRES Rudder and Elevator. Note, can be too tight for the spoiler unless mounting tabs removed. We recommend a KST 08 for the spoiler.


High precision digital servo KST 113MG can work in voltage range 4,8V – 6,0V. It was designed for high quality models of medium size. The case is plastic. The flanges are of the classical type. The servo gear has almost negligible play and is very precious.
The accessories, which are part of the delivery: 3 x plastic arm, 2 x fastening bolts, 1 x arm bolt.

Basic features:

Parameters of DS 113MG:
Voltage: 4,8V-6V
Size: 23,5x8x23,7mm

Torque:  15 Ncm/4,8V, 20 Ncm/6V
Speed:  0,09s/60°/4,8V, 0,08s/60°/6V

Weight 12g

Control freq.

1520us (900-2100us), max. 333Hz





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