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Medina & OZeRES 2 Building Instructions 8Aug22

The Medina (see the E-Medina page for the electric glider variant) is a pre-built and covered, almost ready to fly glider.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars. Colours are: Red/Yellow, Purple/White, Blue/Yellow, Red/White. Please email you colour option to performance@mailzone.com

A lot of us wants to fly high-performance F3L/F3-RES gliders for competition or sport flying, but may not have the time to spend two weeks’ worth of evenings putting together a balsa kit nowadays? That’s why we developed the Medina ARF.

The Medina is an almost ready to fly (ARF) F3L/F3-RES electric glider, and comes with fully pre-built and covered wing, fuselage and tails, so you can enjoy flying the model shortly after receiving the model. To complete the model, you need to glue the carbon boom into the nose, glue the tail-mounting carbon pins into pre-drilled holes, mount the servos and run the pull-string wires.

The Medina has been designed by Performance Models and is a very slight modification of the successful OZeRES 2. Like the OZeRES 2, the Medina has purpose-designed airfoils for modern F3/F5-RES competition flying. The wingtips are specifically optimized for great tip-stalling characteristics and handle high variations in angle of attack. The result? A glider that turns tighter and more efficiently than similar designs, perfect for low-level thermal flying.

The properly-sized and removable V-tail is designed for control and great low speed handling, crucial during soft thermals and the landing phase. And of course, the V-tail not only looks good, but helps minimize the overall drag of the E-Medina for better L/D in all aspects of the flight envelope.

The fuselage is minimalistic, further minimizing overall drag from the completed model.


  • 3-channels: V-tails, Spoiler
  • Wing airfoils: MS series
  • Wing area: 36.2 dm²
  • Root chord: 200mm
  • Wingspan: 2 meters
  • AUW: ~ 450-460 grams

Recommended Gear

  • Tail servos: 2* KST X06 v6
  • Spoiler servo: 1* KST X06H v6
  • Battery: 1S 500mAh LiPo

What’s Included:

  • Pre-built and covered removable wing panels (1* centre, 2* tips)
  • Pre-built and covered removable tail surfaces (1* left, 1* right)
  • Pre-built and covered nose and canopy
  • Pre-drilled carbon boom
  • Tail mounting pins
  • Joiners
  • Tail springs
  • Pull-string wire

Prices are in Australian Dollars



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