OZeRES 1 – 2M by Alan Mayhew and Marcus Stent

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The OZeRES is now back in production, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


This is the original OZeRES kit with a standard sized fuselage and standard cruciform tail. It is a 2m electric glider designed by Alan Mayhew and Marcus Stent and manufactured by Performance Models here in Australia.


This is a very comprehensive laser cut kit and includes:

All laser cut balsa and ply parts including assembly jigs.

All Carbon spars, L.E.’s and tail boom parts cut to size.

All hardware and carbon pushrods.

Plans and instructions.

See the above links (under the name) for the Plan, Instructions and electronic options.

It fits standard sized gear and more detail is included in the electronic options.


All prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD).



1 review for OZeRES 1 – 2M by Alan Mayhew and Marcus Stent

  1. Rod Ellis (verified owner)

    A delight to build, and flying is even better.
    Chose the OZeRES 1 to have the room in the fuse for existing gear I had.
    First flight and needed the battery moving rear an inch CG was then spot on, nice not to have to add weight.
    Second flight up to around 30M under power (using vario) found some lift and it wasn’t long and I’m at 75M.
    20mins later and a smile on my face I gently applied the spoiler (careful its very effective) and landed.
    It’s so good to finally have a glider that performs this well.

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