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The Avanti is now back in production, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


The Avanti 3m electric glider kit is made here in Australia by Performance Models.

It is another design from the Mayhew-Stent stable and is an easy to fly model that is aimed at being an entry level F5J and general sport model for intermediate flyers. It is an evolution of the popular OZeRES 2/Medina 2m model with similar ‘easy to build’ and ‘easy to fly’ characteristics.
It has been designed with higher camber airfoils than the normal Drella AG35 series and this has significantly improved the float, turn, stall and slow speed performance of the plane. With some clever tweaking of the airfoils, they maintains a flat bottom for easy building, but also gives good penetration in the wind. The tip airfoil is also specially designed to delay the stall and this has resulted in a glider that has amazingly benign stall characteristics.
All this has been aimed to reduce pilot workload for intermediate pilots and makes it an excellent ‘first aileron’ model.

It comes with either a fibreglass (CLM Pro) fuselage or a built up fuselage.

The glass fuselage version is typically 1.1-1.2Kg (39-42oz) ready to fly, and with 53.7dm2 (5.78ft2) of wing (not wing and tail) area, it makes the wing loading is 20g/dm2 (6.9oz/ft2)
The built up fuselage version is typically 1.2-1.3Kg (42-45oz) ready to fly, and with 53.7dm2 (5.78ft2) of wing (not wing and tail) area, it makes the wing loading is 22g/dm2 (7.3oz/ft2).
The tail (elevator and stabilizer) is 6.0dm2 if anyone needs to calculate the FAI loadings.


This is a very comprehensive laser cut kit and includes:

All laser cut balsa and ply parts.

All Carbon spars, L.E.’s and tail boom parts cut to size.

All hardware and carbon pushrods.

Plans and instructions.


Built up fuselage is $470AUD

Fibreglass fuselage version is $650AUD

Direct deposit is an option during the checkout process. Please email performance@mailzone.com and I can send the bank details.

Prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Build manual, electronics options and plan…

Avanti Wing Construction 10Feb2023

Avanti Fibreglass Fuselage Instructions 1Nov2023

Avanti Built Up Fuselage Instructions 1Nov23

Avanti Electronic Options 16Nov23

Avanti Fuselage Plan A0 7Aug2022

Avanti Wing Plan A0 7Aug2022


Built up fuselage, Fibreglass fuselage


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