OZeRES 2 – 2M by Alan Mayhew and Marcus Stent

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The OZeRES 2 is now back in production, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


The OZeRES 2 is based on the original OZeRES and has the same wing, but has a new slimmer fuselage with a V tail. The result is a design with lower weight (430-460g), improved handling and lower drag. The kit is made here in Australia by Performance Models.


The slim fuselage means you need a 1806 sized motor or smaller, a smaller battery with a maximum cross section of 20mm x 20mm and smaller servos like the KST x08 or smaller. We have a recommended electronics spreadsheet available on request to give you more details. We believe these electronic restrictions are well worth the performance improvement, but if you would like to fit larger gear, then the original OZeRES (with a standard sized fuselage) is still available.


This is a very comprehensive laser cut kit and includes:

All laser cut balsa and ply parts including assembly jigs.

All Carbon spars, L.E.’s and tail boom parts cut to size. The V tail mounting rods are pre drilled for easy alignment.

All hardware and carbon pushrods.

Plans and instructions.

See the above links (under the name) for the Plan, Instructions and electronic options.

Prices shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Building instructions and plans…

OZeRES 2 Building Instructions 11Jan2024

OzERES 2 Full Plan A3 4Feb2022

Recommended gear:

Armsoar T motor 1806 with ESC, CN models 6×4 prop and CN models 25/5/19 spinner – All available from Performance Models. Please email performance@mailzone.com for more details.

Tattu 550mAh, 3s, 18 x 21 x 63mm

2 x KST X06 (orXo8) servos for the V tails and 1 x x06H (or X08H) servo for the spoiler – Available from Performance Models.


Check out this great series of build videos by Nick Chitty. Thank you Nick!

3 reviews for OZeRES 2 – 2M by Alan Mayhew and Marcus Stent

  1. David Griffin

    What a cool model! All the parts fitted together accurately and the build was pretty straight forward. I covered in lightweight iron on film. weight about 450gm. Due to wrong direction motor originally supplied, I used a 1508 Motor and the recommended 6×4 CN prop. with 3s 300mah battery. The model climbs near vertical and moves quickly during the climb. Soaring flight is delightful, it is light and very manoeuvrable. I didn’t expect much penetration in to wind for such a light glider, the relatively thin wing enables it to penetrate well. Spoilers are somewhat effective. All up very pleased with this model.

  2. Robert the Old fly guy

    I had been interested in building a lightweight two metre glider for a while then saw this locally made kit, I had to have one. The kit arrived, I was pleased with the design and simple construction. (for the more experienced builder)
    Maiden flight was a hand launch that went straight and true. The plane was built with recommended motor battery etc. Climb is strong at about 80 degrees. Flight performance is like a much larger competition model. I have 60gram and 120gram ballast. This selection allows the plane to be flown up to wind speeds that make you want to go home.
    For a light plane the airframe is surprisingly tough, I had an elevator become detached from the pushrod (my fault) the plane hit the ground nose first. Thinking it would have major damage was pleased to find that the wing joiners had broken saving the wings from damage. This is good design as everything made too strong will guarantee major damage or a write off.
    Thanks Alan and Marcus for a great plane that I am sure will be a future classic.

  3. Nick Chitty

    A great glider to build with stunning Performance. Take some time to get your cg right and she will thermal on a sixpence. No wonder it’s a competition winner

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